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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Tale of a weeping nation…

From the burning deck, Sri Lanka screamed
The face of corrupt political class beamed
While they ruined ‘n robbed shamelessly teamed
Alas! The people slept through ‘n dreamed

What freedom we got in forty eight? we ask
Don’t’ we still  don the colonial mask
Seventy long years, on false laurels we bask
A corrupted top failing in their task

Unity at independence was sadly lost
Political racism  an unbearable cost,
Decades of war with thousands lost
A warped land with progress on frost

After seventy eight, our land was gored
by executive crackpots, crises soared
By violence, greed, corruption and fraud
My  Mother Lanka! Sadly got clawed

Another opportunity  wasted in vain
MaRa the king, two thousand ‘n nine
Sadly allowed hate groups to reign 
Unity of Our Land Fell apart again

Two thousand and fifteen, hopes re-born
‘Good- governance’ masks, cunningly worn
Unknown to the people, a hidden thorn
Sira- the crackpot sat on the throne

National government! – it was a farce,
Promised reconciliation, progress sparse
Economy tumbled , hate trends got worse
Set Sira and Ranil on a collision course

Sira conspired  with a mind  deranged
Brought back a man, in the past he blamed
Stabbing his backer- isn’t he ashamed?
Greed for power had democracy flamed

Supreme courts have upheld the law
Rightly disabled his executive paw
The worse crisis the country ever saw
No way out of this destructive war

Politics in Sri  Lanka! It’s a corrupt game
Has put the nation to global shame
Social justice, equality we all claim
How will they emerge if we just dream?

Executive presidency -  a destructive legacy
House by the Lake – an asylum of  fallacy
In election times, in  blinded ecstasy
voting for the corrupt- isn’t it mere lunacy?

Oh people!  end your avowed silence
A weeping nation seeks your actions
Crackpots will otherwise increase your tensions
Or wait until your Kids destroy your ‘mansions’

-Lukman Harees

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