Championing extremism; The great betrayal!

“Maithripala Sirisena”: It’s going to be the next big name patriotic Sri Lankans will never forget, being victims of a great betrayal in the modern era.

He was chosen to replace Mahinda Rajapaksa who sought to rule the tiny nation, forever capitalising the victory of the thirty year long bloody war which tore the nation and its people apart.

Suspicion playing a big part, no man was another’s true friend between the majority Sinhalese and minority tamil speaking people during the unfortunate era in which tens of thousands of lives lost.

To add to this, LTTE ripped off  the centuries long ties with the Muslim community by forceful eviction, mass murder and destruction.

Capitalising Chandrika’s failure to stabilise the country, Mahinda Rajapaksa made it through thanks to his great alliance with China and Pakistan in spite of Indian resistance.

Following the victory, as opposed to being the people’s president, Mahinda planned to build up a dynasty of his own after a long wait since his father’s entry into mainstream politics, not hesitating to lose the support of the minorities in whole.

Taking advantage of this, extremist elements started showing up in the south, first attacking minority Christians and their places of worship and leading to a mass violence against the Sri Lankan Muslims in Aluthgama in 2014.

Maithripala, the unknown contender was whole heartedly supported by the minorities because they wanted the change. However, it wasn’t sufficient for a regime change and would have never ever happened without the support of patriotic Sri Lankans from within the Sinhalese community too.

The end of the civil war meant a lot to the ordinary citizens of the tiny nation as it was long overdue.

Generations have passed without the opportunity of education mainly from the Northern part of the country in addition to the atrocity at the hands of both LTTE and the Government.

Everyone had their own reasons to bring down Mahinda, and Maithripala became the opportunistic winner despite being a truly unknown administrator to the masses.

Ranil Wickramasinghe on the other hand gave all the hope that the public was waiting for and Chandrika applied the finishing touch to it by sounding louder in favour of reconciliation, peace and stability.

But, where is it or where are they now?

Sri Lanka is back to the same track as it was after the end of the war and Muslims have become a subject of racial target and hatred yet again in the so called good governance whilst Tamils too are nervously living in fear.

Police, hands tied are acting shamelessly and are releasing statements of lies and false hopes when they face the media, yet going silent the very next minute.

The Minister of Law and order has distanced himself from the scene by avoiding media and the public despite himself claiming that he once felt like a third class citizen in his own words during Mahinda’s reign and temporarily migrated to the US.

Well, ordinary Sri Lankans, whether they are Muslim, Tamil or Sinhalese, can’t afford to leave their nation just like Sagala Ratnayake did nor can they afford to continue their lives under the prevailing hostile situation.

So, who can provide a solution? Simply, it’s the president one would say and absolutely there is no one else to look towards him being the executive president of Sri Lanka.

However, Maithri, who once said that he rejects the likes of Bodu Bala Sena is now playing the game of extremism just from the same position where it was left over in the previous regime.

BBS and its allies have already failed politically but it seems though Maithri is still believing that he can win over the portion of the Sinhalese votes Mahinda is holding by becoming the champion of the extremist elements, despite majority of the Sinhalese people are evidently against it.

The result: Great betrayal! History will never forget this.

-Irfan Iqbal