Muslim council of Sri Lanka's statement on 21/04 aniversary -

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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Muslim council of Sri Lanka's statement on 21/04 aniversary

Remembering the First Year Anniversary of Easter Sunday Attacks

Today marks a year since the terrible Easter Sunday Attacks that devastated Sri Lanka on 21 April 2019.

It is a day to grieve. A day for reflection of what took place and what we lost on this day, its aftermath and the way forward for Sri Lanka.   

While words will not suffice to convey our condemnation of this heinous act and to console the pain of the victims and all Sri Lankans, it is time that we unite to show our resilience and stand against violence and injustice of any kind. 

The Muslim Community will always be ready to join in efforts to eradicate this menace and bring about peace in this country which is much needed now.  We condem all acts of terrorism and those who commit them are transgressors of the religions they profess to follow. 

Christians and Muslims share a common heritage as Abrahamic traditions. All religions have a deep connection for peace and against violence. Indeed, the core values of all faiths in Sri Lanka teach us compassion, peace and brotherhood. To move forward we need to take these values with us in working towards breaking the cycle of hate and violence and restoring peace. 

We appreciate the stance for peace taken by Cardinal Malcom Ranjit in his leadership, and the act of preaching forgiveness and forbearance under these very difficult circumstances, as a lesson for all Sri Lankans.   

We pray along with all Sri Lankans in the memory of all the victims. 

May we all work towards peace for our nation.

In Solidarity

NM Ameen

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