Cry From Within.. -

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Cry From Within..

What has become of You! Oh  Muslim World!
Like Froth on water, being largely Ignored
Leadership corrupt and your soul is being sold 
When will you return to that era of Gold?

Leaders being so servile; aping the West 
Sacrificing your interests- for their greedy quest  
Keeping you dismembered; polluting your nest
Aren’t they rejoicing while their subjects rest?

From Palestine to Yemen, your lands are ruined  
Your dignity pawned and mentally slaved 
Your conscience imprisoned; your voices stilled 
Those who will confront them, tortured and whipped

Trumps and the likes have now hijacked your  top 
While Zionist Israel  harvesting the crop 
Any more Arab Springs- will be made to flop 
Heroes and activists are getting the mop 

Asaads and Bin Salmans have become a bane
To the burning Middle East which, groaning in pain 
It’s efforts to progress should not be in vain
Avicennas and Ibnu Khalduns should reign  

Salahudeens and Tariqs! They shouldn’t be rare!
Helplessness of Muslim world being laid bare
It’s time to come out of this wildest snare 
Overcome the defeatist, victimhood scare

Revisit the period of Islamic thought!  
A bright era of renaissance the world then sought
Discoveries and inventions many well-wrought  
Muslims were pioneers then ;great change they brought!

Sad!Muslims then gave up their golden past 
Marred by the ever-scheming Colonial ghost  
Self-serving dictators took up the mast 
Muslim world since then has thus stood aghast 

State of the Muslim world looking so sad
Islamo-phobia driving it mad 
Unless it stands up for justice so bold 
It will be accountable in the court of God 

Islam advocated - moderation theme
It did not ever condone - any-ways extreme
Dignity of human- beings so supreme
May the light of peace for-ever shine and beam 

-Lukman Harees

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